Aztec Clay (and why it wasn’t working for me)

Calcium Bentonite Clay is all the rage right now with everyone giving their testimonies to how well this 100% natural Indian Healing clay works, for such an affordable price. The clay, also dubbed “world’s most powerful facial” is a gray powder clay that you can mix with either water or apple cider vinegar (or a toner of choice), to make a paste.  The mask claims to be a deep pore cleansing mask that literally makes your face PULSATE. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this product, to help control my oil.

Health&Beauty Aztec Secret

I found mine at Whole Foods, and tried both vinegar and water to dilute it. In my opinion, vinegar works much better. Once it began to dry, I could indeed, begin to feel my face pulsate!  Once it dried down all the way and I rinsed it off, I didn’t notice too much of a drastic difference in the appearance of my skin, besides that it definitely look tighter and smoother. However, once I woke up the next day, I was surprised with my skin totally broken out on my forehead and a couple little spots on my cheeks.  Wait, wasn’t the mask supposed to fix this? I tried the mask a couple more times throughout the next few weeks, and discovered the same thing would happen almost every time. My skin would end up looking worse than it did before the mask. After some Google searching, I learned that this is actually a pretty common problem for people. I knew that meant there had to be a reason for the breakouts, it most likely wasn’t that I was allergic to the mask.  So after a little research, I have come to figure out a regimen that works really well for me.

Bentonite is an absorbent clay, so on the skin, it is going to draw out impurities.  I learned that what it was doing was drawing out impurities that were deeper rooted then I had been able to see, and surface them to the top of the skin.  So knowing that, how do I remove them completely? I don’t just want to surface the dirt and pimples, I want to get rid of it.  Here’s : use the clay mask once a day for two weeks straight. I know it sounds intense, especially since this is no joke of a mask and can be also incredible drying, but this process should be enough time to be able to surface your problem areas, and remove them from the skin. Don’t get me wrong, your face might break out a little at first, but you have to stay consistent and patient, like with any form of skin care, before you see a difference. Once you have used the mask for two weeks, start cutting down to 2 or 3 times a week, then 1 or 2 times a week if you want.

One VERY important tip for this: MAKE SURE TO MOISTURIZE extremely well after using the mask. Even for oily skin. It is a very drying mask and you don’t want your skin to have to compensate for the moisture it needs by making its own oil.  Since the mask is pretty irritating to my skin from how tight and hard it gets, I took a tip from dermatologist Veronica Gorgeois who mentioned that it is not necessary to let the mask dry down completely to get the desired effectiveness.  Contrary to popular belief, just because something is burning or tingling, does not mean that it is “working”. Be gentle to your skin, irritating it is not an effective approach.

Best natural intense moisturizer? Coconut oil.

If you decide to try this amazing clay make sure to share how your experience went and if you discovered any tips that helped you!

Much Love


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