Brighten&Firm face mask

The weather here in SoCal has been extra gloomy lately (surprisingly enough) so this morning I felt like my skin needed a little extra boost of brightness to combat the depressing skies.

This combination of ingredients (I encourage you to do your own research as well) is wonderful because:

1. Honey is an antibacterial as well as a fantastic moisturizer (2 in 1!)

2. Egg white tones and firms skin by shrinking pores and reducing sebum. It is also contains lysozome which is a bacteria killing property.

3. Vitamin C has bountiful anti-aging and antioxidant properties

So, here is my easy go-to DIY skin brightening face mask:



  • 1 egg white
  • 1 tbs. honey
  • 1 crushed Vitamin C capsule

Now, the mixture can be pretty runny, so I suggest applying it with a cotton ball. Relax while the mixture dries all the way then rinse with warm water.

If you want a little extra moisture boost, what I like to do is follow up with a sheet mask. This one is my favorite from Skinfood if I want to brighten/firm/smooth.

Skinfood Vitamin C mask

LAST LITTLE TIP: Notice how all of these ingredients used for the mask are gentle, non-irritant products. A lot of people have their own masks they like to make at home, but use products that are irritating to the skin, which is counterproductive (like lemon). One tip I took from one of my favorite dermatologists (who also has a Youtube, check it out) Veronica Gorgeois, is that just because something is natural doesn’t mean it is meant to be on your skin. Take Poison Ivy…..that is all natural right? Just be careful with the products you are using, and HAPPY FACE MASKING!


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